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Focused ABA

After our initial evaluation, it could be that your child does not require a comprehensive treatment approach – and only needs help in certain specific areas. Whatever your situation might be, we offer a number of individualized programs that focus on developing specific skills. We will work with you to develop a focused ABA program based on your child’s needs, your resources and your goals as a family.

Select Programs:

Social Skills & Play

Whether it’s helping your child develop age-appropriate interests or build the skills they need to play with other children, we’ll help your child discover just how much fun play can be!

To fully ensure success in this area, we’ll begin the program with an individualized assessment to uncover your child’s strengths and unique needs. Then we’ll develop customized programming to help your child work toward his or her goals.

Language Skills

Every day presents numerous opportunities for your child to further develop and expand their language skills – and we can show you how to turn those opportunities into teachable moments.

Starting with an individual assessment to set out some key goals, we’ll then focus on putting together specific strategies for you and your family to make the language learning process both fun and meaningful.

Challenging Behaviours

Part of addressing challenging behaviours is understanding what’s causing them in the first place.

We’ll start with a functional assessment to uncover the root cause of the challenging behaviour, and put together an individualized treatment plan. We’ll then provide you and the rest of your family with strategies to decrease – and learn to prevent – these challenging behaviours. As we work through the treatment plan, we’ll continually measure your child’s progress to determine how well the plan is working.

Supporting Transitions

Dealing with some of the bigger changes in life can be difficult for any of us – but these can be particularly challenging for a child with autism. We can help make significant transitions like starting school for the first time or taking a vacation into positive and successful experiences.

Using priming exercises, video modelling, social stories and other individualized strategies, we’ll help you prepare for many of the changes that might not be part of your child’s typical daily routine.

Community Outings

We can help you turn everyday events like going grocery shopping, getting a haircut, eating out at a restaurant or even going to the dentist into special moments your child can share with you and your family.

Through the use of priming exercises, video modelling, behavioural skills training (BST) and other strategies, we’ll create a customized approach to help your child prepare for, and even come to enjoy, various community-based activities.


Teaching your child life skills like how to dress themselves, brush their teeth or get ready for school on their own, not only gives them a greater sense of independence, it also helps make things a little easier for you as a parent.

Depending on your child’s unique needs, we’ll work with you and your family to create a fully-customized program that will empower your child to manage day-to-day tasks independently.

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