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We believe that your child – and every child we work with – is capable of reaching his or her full potential. We also understand that in order to help get them there, they need to be recognized as the wonderful individuals that they are. That means creating a meaningful learning environment and using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to address their specific needs rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach. And it means involving you and the rest of your family along the way... after all, you play the most important role in your child's growth and development. We offer centre-based Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) and other Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services to children across the Greater Toronto Area and York Region. Call us for a free consultation.

About Nancy
Nancy Defina-Marchese's approach comes down to her love of working with children with autism.
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Social Skills
We can help your child develop age-appropriate interests and skills to play with other children.
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