The last few years at Breakthrough Autism have been life-changing for our son and I’m sure for all the others that come through your doors.

Your dedication, positive attitudes and caring about our son has made a huge difference in his life skills, academics and many other things.  I think our son will remember you all for a long time. I know you all believe that every child with Autism has potential, just as I do, and we will make sure that what our son has learned at Breakthrough Autism will help him through school and life in general.

The only regret I have is not being with your center sooner, but he has come a long way and will continue on his journey.

To all of the staff at Breakthrough Autism, thanks, thanks, and thanks. My husband, my son, and I wish all of you at Breakthrough Autism success and as Mr Spock said…LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

-Mother of an 11 year old boy with autism