I wanted to share something fantastic about about my son that we credit to the wonderful work that the Breakthrough Autism team did with him.

For our son’s first communion celebration he had been selected from a class lottery to do a reading. He had been practicing it all week and pretty much had it memorized.

When his turn came up, he started reading and then stopped for a few seconds, then slowly proceeded to finish, we noticed the first part of the reading sounded different than what we had been practicing.  We simply told him he did a fantastic job.

That night, he spontaneously volunteered to me: “Mommy, did you know that my reading changed?”  He told me that when he got up to read, the reading they had for him had different words.  He said “but I didn’t get upset, I stopped, slowed down and then read what was there”.  Not sure if he read the wrong line or if they put a reading with same meaning but different wording, but he was completely unruffled in a packed standing room only church!  I’d say he’s pretty much mastered handling changes in routine!

Both me and my husband know that without Breakthrough Autism there is no way he would have handled that so flawlessly!  Thanks again!

-Mother of a 7 year old boy with autism