After having worked with Nancy, we saw such improvement in our four year old. Nancy was able to really become “intune” with our son and his abilities, making his ABA therapy fun and exciting and having her special programs work for him. Nancy has a unique capability of really listening, not only to our son’s needs but also to our needs as parents. She incorporated us into the ABA therapy making things easier to understand and to carry through in day to day life without her here. Using her programs, we have been able to work through his tantrums, understand the reasons why he has tantrums, improve his social and play skills, teach him how to get people’s attention properly and greatly improve his communication skills (he’s now working on conversational skills!).

Nancy knows how to make things work. She was very empathetic and understood all things in and around our lives and our son’s life. She was very positive and showed it every step of the way. Your amazing Nancy, we were very blessed to have you in our son’s life.

-Mother of a 4 year old boy with autism