After our daughter was diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum, we knew that we had to do everything possible to help her improve. We immediately began to look at private therapy since we were told early intervention was crucial. We decided on “Breakthrough Autism” (BTA) for a number of reasons. When we met with Nancy, she was professional, but more importantly we could clearly sense her passion for helping children. She provided an outline of how this treatment would be specifically designed for each child’s unique needs in mind.  We were also impressed with Nancy’s experience and credentials.

Before treatment began, our goal was to move our daughter along the Autism Spectrum toward “normal”. She didn’t have joint attention (our cat was even better), she was clumsy when she walked, her vocabulary consisted of a few simple words, and she wouldn’t even respond to her own name. It seemed that she was getting left behind while other children her own age were quickly advancing their skills. We didn’t even know if she would be able to have normal speech or even a normal life. We were frightened.

When treatment began, Nancy’s passion was also evident in her staff.  You could tell the members of BTA loved working with children and enjoyed their roles. They were quite patient with our daughter and ensured that the naturalistic teaching would be enjoyable. Just after a few sessions we noticed improvement.  Our daughter was coming out of her shell. She began to notice things and she began to quickly master the programs that BTA had designed. She was improving and each week she was getting better and better and catching up to her peers.

Just a little more than a year after treatment started, our daughter graduated from IBI treatment. She had mastered everything that IBI could assist her with. When our daughter started daycare we did not tell them of the diagnosis. She is indistinguishable from other children her own age. We highly recommend Breakthrough Autism and early intervention. We believe the tremendous work Nancy’s team provided enabled our daughter to catch up to her peers and act like other children her own age. We hope that all parents of children with autism can share in our success.

-Mother and Father of a 3.5 year old girl with autism