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Visit our new Breakthrough Autism Academy and help your child reach their full potential

We’re always looking for new ways to enhance your child’s learning. This September, we’ll be opening the Breakthrough Autism Academy, a centre-based program for children with autism. The centre will be located at 519 Sixteenth Avenue in Richmond Hill (between Yonge and Bayview). The site features a beautiful, free-standing space and was created specifically for children with multiple rooms and a large outdoor play area. This extension of our home-based services will give your family more options when it comes to quality services that help your child reach their full potential.

Breakthrough Autism Academy will be offering services based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) including Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) and other Specialized Programs. Benefits of centre-based programming include:

-Opportunities for both one-to-one and group-based programs
-Opportunities to help prepare for transition to school
-Opportunities for social skills development
-Opportunities to learn from Direct Instruction curricula including: Language for Learning, Reading Mastery, and Connecting Math Concepts
-Increased Clinical Supervision

In addition to our new centre-based services, Breakthrough Autism will still be offering home-based programs to accommodate your family’s specific needs. If you think your child would benefit from a centre-based program, please get in touch with us at to learn more about this service option.

Our aim is to keep you and your family informed.
Our aim is to keep you and your family informed.