Specialized Programs

À la Carte Services

It could be that your child just needs some help in a certain area. Or perhaps you’re looking for a solution that’s more affordable than the intensive program. Whatever your situation might be, we offer a number of individualized training programs that focus on developing specific skills.


A few of our specialized programs:

Young children with autism practice their social skills while playing with other children.

Social Skills & Play

Whether it’s helping your child develop age-appropriate interests or developing the skills they need to play with other children, we’ll help your child discover just how much fun play can be!

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Young children with autism transitioning to starting school by boarding the school bus with other children.

Supporting Transitions

We can help make significant transitions like starting school for the first time or taking a vacation into positive – and successful – experiences.

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A young child with autism shares a special moment during an outing to the grocery store.

Community Outings

We can help you turn everyday events like going grocery shopping, getting a haircut, eating out at a restaurant or even going to the dentist into special moments your child can share with you and your family.

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Young children with autism celebrate during a sporting activity with other children.


Getting involved with sports is a great way to motivate your child into developing friendships and learning how to be part of team – not to mention the many physical health benefits.

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A young child with autism learns how to help himself by brushing his teeth.


Teaching your child how to dress themselves, brush their teeth or get ready for school by themselves not only gives them a greater sense of independence, it also helps make things a little easier for you...

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A young child with autism develops language skills.

Language Skills

Every day presents numerous opportunities for your child to further develop and expand their language skills – and we can show you how to turn those opportunities into teachable moments.

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A teacher and a young child with autism are addressing challenging behaviours and understanding what is causing them.

Challenging Behaviours

Part of addressing challenging behaviours is understanding what’s causing them in the first place.

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