Online Coaching Services

Just like Breakthrough Autism’s Parent & Caregiver Coaching services, our Online Coaching services are designed around the significant role you have to play in your child’s development, while taking into account your busy schedule.

No matter where you are located, Breakthrough Autism’s Online Coaching service empower parents and caregivers with strategies to support their child’s success in real time.

The goal? Greater control and a deeper understanding of your child’s development, helping you to recognize and foster positive interactions in your child’s everyday life.

Ultimately, we help you develop and customize the tools you need based on your child’s needs, along with the confidence to focus on the goals that are most important to you and yours when it comes to living with autism.

How does it work?

Breakthrough Autism’s Online Coaching service puts us right with you in your home or wherever you happen to be.

The service runs through the Breakthrough Autism Online Coaching Portal.

Parents and caregivers are granted access through a private account via computer or mobile device (a camera is required, so if your computer doesn’t have that capability, a mobile device will work as well).

Why do we need to see each other? If our Online Coaches can see the challenges and celebrate the successes when and where they happen, they can help problem-solve/celebrate in real time.

In Addition, Not Instead

Online Coaching ensures Parents and Caregivers can get the support they need, when and where they need it. In real time.

Distance, transportation, and busy schedules are daily considerations, but they shouldn’t get in the way of the treatment, happiness, and health of you and your children.

It is also important to note that Breakthrough Autism’s Online Coaching service has been designed to complement our Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) services and Specialized Programs, not replace them. They are most effective when they work in tandem and support IBI services and Specialized Programs with real-time access and on-demand coaching support services.

Breakthrough Autism’s Online Coaching Process

  1. Skills-Based Assessment: This is where we get to know you, the parents and caregivers, as well as your child or children.

    We observe, collect information (through interviews and questionnaires), and compile a profile of your child’s individualized strengths and needs.

  2. Setting Goals: This is a collaborative effort between the Breakthrough Autism Online Coach and the parents that will help set the goals and objectives we want to achieve through the online coaching sessions.

  3. Customized Treatment Plan: Based on the goals and benchmarks, your Breakthrough Autism Online Coach will develop and outline a customized treatment plan for you—parents, caregivers—and your child/children. It is important to note that these treatment plans aren’t static.

    Modifications to the treatment plan may be recommended as a result of ongoing observation, as well as feedback from the parents and caregivers themselves.

  4. Ongoing Observation and Plan Governance: The treatment plan and online coaching sessions will be monitored by Breakthrough Autism’s team of board certified behavior analysts™ (BCBAs™, BCaBAs™) to ensure continued success and development of the plan and the sessions themselves.

  5. Transition Planning: While Breakthrough Autism and our Online Coaching Service will always be there for parents and caregivers of children with autism, the goal of our coaching is to empower people with the skills and practices that will help families live their best lives.

    Transition Planning involves determining the level of mastery you and your children have achieved in each skill and practice, along with providing you with the tools and advice regarding how to maintain and further develop everything you’ve learned during your online coaching sessions.

Next Steps

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Online coaching
Online coaching