Diagnostic and Psychoeducational Assessments

Breakthrough Autism’s Diagnostic and Psychoeducational Assessment service is just that: A comprehensive assessment of your child/children conducted by our Registered Clinical Psychologist, Nancy Marchese.

Why is a diagnostic and psychoeducational assessment important?

A diagnostic and psychoeducational assessment is integral to understanding your child’s strengths and needs.

It provides the foundation for the recommendations the Breakthrough Autism team—along with all other supporting professionals—will be making to help you, the parents and caregivers, and your child/children develop the skills necessary to live their best lives.

What is a diagnostic and psychoeducational assessment?

A diagnostic assessment is an evaluation aimed at helping parents and professionals understand your child’s history, to identify specific symptoms, the details of his or her development to date in order to determine if a diagnosis is appropriate for your child .

A psychoeducational assessment may come into play with older children and helps identify other factors that may affect your child’s development and school/educational performance.

For example, psychoeducational assessments might explore how your child is doing at school, whether they have difficulty focusing, paying attention, and/or forming friendships.

The assessment is crucial to assessing your child’s strengths and needs, in turn helping you, the parents/caregivers, and supporting professionals alike, determine what services are required, and what resources you and your child may need.

No Time to Wait

Unfortunately, there are often waitlists for many of these services, but the process can’t even begin unless an assessment is overseen by a Registered Clinical Psychologist or a Medical Doctor.

The sooner your child can get an assessment, the sooner you can get the help you require, and gain access to the resources you need.

NOTE: some of the costs associated with these services can be covered by extended insurance benefits and plans, but check with your extended healthcare provider for details on eligibility for coverage.

Breakthrough Autism’s Diagnostic and Psychoeducational Assessment Process

Breakthrough Autism Diagnostic and Psychoeducational Assessments are conducted by our specialist team.

An assessment period can run from approximately five to 10 hours, plus follow-up meetings as needed.

  1. Initial intake and interview with the family to gather background information
  2. Direct assessment with the child
  3. You, the family/caregivers, along with any other relevant support professionals (e.g., teacher) fill out questionnaires regarding your concerns and the child’s history as needed
  4. Our psychologist meets with the family to review all information to provide summarized findings and subsequent recommendations
  5. You are provided with a comprehensive report about the findings and recommendations

Next Steps

Please contact us if you have more questions, or would like to book a Diagnostic and Psychoeducational Assessment.

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